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First Lawson Ind buildingWith faith and prayer, in a small rented house in Albany, Georgia, two brothers had a vision of developing people’s dreams into reality, including their own. In 1999, Michael and Jason Lawson wanted to help inventors create and market their ideas to the public. The first product they created was the Sure Grip muffler clamp. They manufactured the muffler clamp, but soon learned the product was built ‘too well’ and was too expensive in the marketplace. However, due to the Lawsons’ diligence and product quality, an industry insider asked the Lawsons if they could manufacture a J-Hook. Through trial and error with the muffler clamp, the Lawsons learned the ins and outs of manufacturing, buying, selling and shipping. They spent one year in a closed-in garage of the small rented house before moving to their first warehouse.